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Your Unique Baby Boutique

At Jabaloo we are dedicated to providing high-quality, organic and simple products to you and your family.

Jabaloo started after the birth of our first child when we realized there was a gap in the market for these items. We wanted every family to have beautiful baby items that would add comfort, style, and organic touch to their homes.

Designed in Cyprus

We take great care in selecting the materials for each product ensuring they are organic, toxic-free, and natural.  Designed in sunny Cyprus each of our products is finished in a simple minimal style.  


We are passionate about the environment, sustainability and providing a better world for everyone. Our products reflect our love of natural, hand-crafted and organic products and we have partnered with three charities that are working towards a better world. 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to serve as many parents and families as we can. We are focused on providing families with beautiful hand-crafted products that are high quality and affordable. We want every family to have natural, organic and non-toxic products baby products.  Products that are handcrafted and sourced for their high quality and aesthetics.  Our goal is to become a one-stop baby shop offering products for every baby’s needs in one place with free worldwide shipping giving access to all, no matter where they are. 

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide parents and parents-to-be with beautiful—and most importantly—practical products. We work hard to find and source products that meet our high standards. On top of high-quality products, we offer a dedicated customer support service who are happy to answer any questions or queries. We are family-focused and part of that is ensuring we are easy to communicate with and give our customers the highest level of support possible. Every product comes with a money-back guarantee. 

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Why moms choose Jabaloo

We proudly serve thousands of moms all over the world that trust us for our product’s safety and ability to handle wear and tear. You can be confident you’ll receive a product that is 100% organic, non-toxic, easy to assemble, convenient to store and fully CE tested.  To read more about why moms choose us you can find reviews for each product under their listing. 

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